In addition to giving you access to data, the CommunityView CollaborationTM provides functionality that will help you customize, analyse and present your selected Census variables and indicators.


The mapping tool is one of the most significant features of the CommunityView CollaborationTM. This user friendly tool allows you to map one or two (layered) resources (Census variables and indicators). The tool has a number of functions that will help you customize your map to meet your information needs. Once you have customized your map, you may save it as an image to include in your report or presentation.

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The CommunityView charting tool gives you the ability to view the data in a number of predefined chart formats. Once you have decided on a chart that meets your needs, simply export it and use it in your report or presentation.

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Data Table

This tool gives you access to the data in a tabular format. In this view you can pivot, sort, and pin columns. The data table may also be exported into Excel.

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User Feedback

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