Learn more about CommunityView

An Invitation to learn more about Communityview.ca!

Are you interested in using neighbourhood data and information? Would you like access to reliable local cross-sector information for Saskatoon and surroundings? Why not attend a CommunityView Collaboration (CVC) information or training session? Our one hour information sessions provide a demonstration of how the rich data available on CVC can be used with tools for graphing, mapping, charting, importing and exporting to develop information you need in a form you can use. The full training sessions are typically between 1.5-3 hours (depending on user needs) and provide hands on experience with data and tools on this innovative, local, web-based community information system. Information and training sessions are offered regularly or can be customized to your schedule. If you are interested in an introduction to CVC through an information and/or training session, please email us at communityview@saskatoonhealthregion.ca or call our Community View information line at (306) 655-4682.