Does it cost to use the site?

No. The site and its contents are offered to you FREE.

I’m not sure what I am looking for. Where should I start?

The best place to begin is to explore the resources available within each of the resource categories within the Resource Catalogue (RC). This should give you an understanding of the type of information available to you through CommunityView. Once you have become more familiar with the data and resources you may want to use the Search function to search the catalogue and/or the site for a particular resource or key word. The prepared data packages have also been developed to help you navigate the large numbers of resources. These packages are collections of resources relevant to issues or themes.

What if the data and resources I want are not available on CommunityView?

The CommunityView CollaborationTM is a dynamic initiative. We will be continually improving and developing the site, updating data and adding new datasets and other resources to the site. So, please, let us know if you are unable to find what you are looking for. We will do our best to help facilitate the data acquisition from the data provider.

How do I access a resource (Census, indicator, document or spatial)?

You may access resources through the Resource Catalogue or by entering a keyword into the Search function. The Resource Catalogue contains categories to help you navigate the resources. Each resource may be contained in multiple categories. For instance, Aboriginal population is contained in both the Demographics and Culture and Ethnicity category.

Can I export the data tables into Excel?

Yes. Once you have selected a resource and clicked on the data table view, simply press the Export button in the Resource Categories menu.

Can I bring (import) my own data into the mapping tool?

Yes, but this import function only applies to the mapping tool. You may not import your own data to use within the other functions of the system (i.e., charting).

The chart function doesn’t give me what I want. What can I do?

The best thing to do is to limit the sub-variables, and/or geographies within each resource. Some charts may contain too much information. For instance, if you are attempting to chart a resource that has 25 sub-variables by all Saskatoon neighbourhoods, the resulting chart will be meaningless and unintelligible.

I have found problems with the data and/or the site. Whom do I contact to resolve these problems?

Please contact CommunityView support at communityview@saskatoonhealthregion.ca.

I have some data, research and/or resources that I would like to disseminate through CommunityView. How do I do this?

The goal of CommunityView is to bring together a wide range of community data, research and resources into a one-stop-shop, or information clearinghouse. Therefore, we would like to discuss the potential for disseminating your organization’s data and other resources through the CommunityView Collaboration. Please contact the CommunityView coordinator at (306) 655-4682 or communityview@saskatoonhealthregion.ca.

Why does some of the website not contain anything?

This has been a very large undertaking for the development partners. As such, they will be developing CommunityView over time and in small increments. Therefore, if you do not find all of the information or functions for which you were hoping, please be patient as we work together to make this the most useful possible information tool available to the community. On-going community collaboration will ensure that we eventually reach our vision of a truly comprehensive community information system.

Why are some of the resource categories empty?

The Census was the data set upon which we focused the first CommunityView release. Therefore, you will receive many variables from the Census Community Profile, but only a few indicators from other data providers. We are continually seeking and acquiring data, research and other resources. So, stay tuned for the addition of data from a broad range of providers.

What are the terms and conditions for my using this site?

The terms and conditions of your using CommunityView are detailed in the CommunityView Collaboration Terms and Conditions.

Why would I register?

A registered user may be given access to data and resources that is not given to the general public.

How do I request data?

Please contact CommunityView support at communityview@saskatoonhealthregion.ca.