Immunization Coverage - MMR by age 2 years

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Coverage is expressed as the percent of children in 2009 who received the recommended number of doses for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) by or before 2 years of age. The percentage is described as the numerator divided by the denominator, multiplied by 100. The numerator consists of all children with active Personal Registry System (PRS) status in SIMS (Saskatchewan Immunization Management System), reaching two years of age in the calendar year who received two doses of MMR. The denominator is the number of children who turned two in the same calendar year who have active PRS status in SIMS.


Children immunized in First Nations clinics may not be updated in SIMS and this may lead to an underestimation of coverage rates in some neighbourhoods. This underestimation is believed to be small. In 2009 data entry procedures for H1N1 mass immunization clinics resulted in a significant number of incomplete client records being entered into SIMS. These incomplete records may artificially suppress reported coverage rates by 1-2% for 2009/2010. Children whose postal code maps to the Social Services building are excluded to prevent these children from being include in the Central Business area neighbourhood.

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