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Part B – Detailed Definition

Refers to specific religious denominations, groups or bodies, as well as to sects, cults, or other religiously defined communities or systems of belief.

Censuses: 2001 (1/5 sample), 1991 (1/5 sample), 1981 (1/5 sample), 1971 (1/3 sample)

Reported for: Total population, excluding institutional residents

Question No.: Direct variable: Question 22

Responses: See Appendix L for the classification structure and its comparability to 1991 and to 1981.

Remarks: Respondents were instructed to report a specific denomination or group, even if they were not practising members of their group. For infants or children, respondents were instructed to report the denomination or group in which they will be raised. In most cases, this would normally be the religion of their parents (or guardians). Persons who had no connection or affiliation with any religious group or denomination were instructed to mark the circle "No religion". However, if respondents considered terms such as "atheist" or "agnostic" to be applicable to them, they were instructed to specify them in the write-in area of the question.

In 1991 and 2001, responses to the religion questions were in the form of a write-in, with a mark-in circle for "No religion". This format may result in slight historical differences when comparing data on religion with censuses prior to 1991.

NOTE: Inclusion of Non-Census Estimates

This variable includes both Statistics Canada Census data and projected data provided by the City of Saskatoon. Statistics Canada conducts a census every 5 years and Community View includes data for all census years since 1996. The Citys projected data provides modeled estimates, based on the Census data, for years between Census, and makes the most recent projection available through CommunityView.

To see the most recent projected data select (estimate) as the data type under the Subvariable or Chart function.

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