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Our goal is to provide you with relevant, reliable, local information and evidence to inform your planning, decision-making, and policy for Saskatoon and surrounding area.

We bring together data from different human service sectors and community based organizations, and the many resources, projects, initiatives and research that are contributing to the well-being of Saskatoon.

Ultimately, through community collaboration, we are Building Evidence for Action!

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Latest News

January 23th, 2017

An update to the Better Health for All online report released today by Saskatoon Health Region reveals the changing demographics in our communities.

Read the story here from the Saskatoon Health Region.

See the infographics and fact sheets in CommunityViews.


December 19th, 2016

A new Better Health for All online report on Reportable Disease released by Saskatoon Health Region shows rates of vaccine-preventable disease are low, thanks to high child immunization, however influenze and pertussis are two areas of concern.

Read the report in CommunityViews.

Read the news release.